How can I help?

During the initial assessment, I would get to know you better as a whole person, including your personality, your past and current life situation as well as the issues motivated you to make the appointment. A comprehensive psychiatric assessment with screening questions for the most important domains of psycho-pathology provides full understanding of your problems. I am always happy to talk with an important person from your life (family or friend) if you wish. I would advise and refer you for pathology tests or scans if needed. At the end, we will work together on a management including both medication and psychotherapy, depends on your needs. The plan would also include discussion about the frequency of our further sessions. Your GP will get a letter with my opinion and an initial management plan

Where am I?

I operate from my private practice: Suite 14 (First floor), 82 Bathurst Street, Liverpool NSW, 2170

What would you pay?

If you wish to see me, you should see your GP for a referral and to discuss your treatment options. The cost of the treatment is partially covered by Medicare. Please present my contact details when you see your GP.