Gender: Male

Languages spoken (other than English):
Ex-Yugoslavian (Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian), Italian and basic Russian.

Problem areas treated:
Anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder,
generalized anxiety disorder, performance anxiety and phobias.
Obsessive compulsive disorders
Mood disorders such as depression and bipolar affective disorder
Personality disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss issues
Schizophrenia and related disorders
Sexual disorders

Populations treated:
Young adult

Subspecialty areas:
Disaster victims
Military personnel and veterans
Specialist psychotherapist
WorkCover cases

Treatments and services offered:
Psychiatric assessment
Psychiatric management / follow-up
Psychopharmacology – general
Psychotherapy – cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
Psychotherapy – psychodynamic
Medico-legal reports
Second opinion
Can take part in case conferences
Can accept patients for Item 291 (Opinion and Report)
Offers shared care with GPs
Offers shared care with psychologists
Can take on work injury insurance/compensation cases

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